Be Real (Ian) ReFocus Band

By LA Cle

ReFocus Band // Remembering Ian 
All profits from the Ian Band will go to the Lewis Family.

On April 19th, 2019, Ian Lewis was tragically lost in a rip current while visiting with friends at the NC coast for their senior year spring break. Both he and good friend, Paige Merical, did not survive. Ian was a graduating senior at Wake Forest High School. His greatest passion was soccer. He played on teams at WFHS and on his NCFC team, the Condors, for 16 seasons.

Ian lived life with zest and had a passionate love for his family and friends. He felt deeply and did not like injustice.


He disregarded conventional boundaries and accepted people for who they were and treated everyone as equals. He had the courage to stand up for and beside his friends, even if that stance was unpopular. He was there for people when they needed someone to lift their spirits, or to just listen. He had a quirky sense of style and wore wild combinations of clothing at times. He grew his hair long. Though these things drove his parents crazy at times, he had the inner strength and courage to be himself, and to express that. He was the genuine article, and people sensed that about him, and it drew people to him. When you have moments of doubt, and are not sure what to do, let the band remind you to be true to yourself.

Follow Ian’s example, and “BE REAL”.