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  • Kohlton ReFocus Band
  • Kohlton ReFocus Band

Kohlton ReFocus Band

ReFocus Band // Remembering Kohlton 
All profits from the Kohlton Band will go to the Myers Family.

On December 2, 2018, Kohlton Myers gained his wings as an angel in Heaven after his journey with the diagnosis of AML leukemia in March 2018 which was followed by a bone marrow transplant that brought health complications.  

Kohlton attended Heritage Middle School and was entering ninth grade at Wake Forest High School.  Kohlton played AAU basketball for the Carolina Waves basketball team for four years.  He had a great love of the sport of basketball, with teamwork being the focus of his abilities.  He had a love for animals and nature and a special knack for knowing and sensing other people’s needs.  He was gifted with great intuition and sensitivity for all things good.  Kohlton loved being social and touched many lives with his warm personality.  He had a heart of gold and a contagious smile that lit up a room.

Kindness was Kohlton’s core trait and doing for others was in his character.  He was kind to his friends, family, teachers, coaches, parents, teammates, strangers, and animals.  

In his honor we have taken the motto of “Be Kind” so we will remember his thoughtfulness and giving nature to others.  When wearing this ReFocus band, remember to be sensitive to others’ needs and be kind by doing acts of kindness for others who may need a boost in spirits.     



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