• Sassy Pet Sak | Spikey Hedgehog Sak with Hedgehog

Sassy Pet Sak | Spikey Hedgehog Sak with Hedgehog

Fun and whimsy abound with our playful Spiky Hedgehog Sassy Pet Sak! Featuring an appealing color blend of bright gold and deep blue, this handbag is decorated with a pattern of prickly little hedgehogs that will charm the littlest animal lovers. Satin twist cord handles are soft to the touch and have an attractive shine. For additional flair, a golden fringe runs along the border of this eye catching purse. From the interior of the bag, an adorable Hedgehog stuffed animal stares out mischievously waiting to be cuddled and loved. The softest plush materials and a bright eyed expression make him an appealing friend. Nothing beats a shopping trip with this engaging little plush Hedgehog pet!
  • $21.99