Fish Hippie

A North Carolina based company that was started by chance, after meeting at a dinner with mutual friends, the owners discovered they grew up in adjacent North Carolina towns but had never met. After their first conversation they realized they shared a lot of the same passions in life: a love of the water, traveling with friends as an escape, and an appreciation for the finer things life, they also discovered that they shared the same values which had been instilled in them from growing up in the South. The idea of Fish Hippie started taking shape. The goal was to create a brand that celebrates the times in our lives when you can escape, unwind, enjoy good times with friends and take the road less traveled.  Although you won't find any tie-dye shirts or psychedelic graphics Fish Hippie is the celebration of the hippie-like dedication to your lifestyle, escaping the mundane and not getting caught up in social demands - be yourself, find balance in the world and don't be afraid to sometimes "Drift Off Course"